BLM LLP is an insurance and dispute resolution law firm based in the United Kingdom and Ireland


BLM were a fantastic client to work with – easy to get on with, open to ideas, and up for creating really interesting stuff.

I was approached by them to provide images for their graduate recruitment programme, and to give the graduate part of their website a bit of a facelift, as well as supply images for their print supply too. In the end, I think we delivered over 200 unique images, showcasing every part of the graduate recruitment process, as well as life as a starter at BLM.

A bit about BLM – they are an insurance and dispute resolution law firm, and have big offices in London and Manchester.

For this shoot, we worked on location in both London and Manchester for two massive shoot days.

Thanks to Ruchi Ratna (Manchester) and Jessica Richardson (London) for the amazing makeup and general awesomeness.