25 Years of Co Op Bank's Ethical Policy

2017 marked 25 Years of the Co Op Bank’s Ethical Policy, and so I was brought on board with the Co Op Bank as they were profiling customers that had used them, specifically for their ethical approach to banking. I spent 2 days in the studio photographing customers, as well as some time on location near Liverpool, and a community garden in south Manchester in order to create the images in the campaign.

Working with a frankly enormous high street client does have its challenges, especially in terms of turnaround – this one was 24 hour turnaround, if not sooner, and when you’ve shot 3000+ images, it can be a little bit tricky.

The team at the Co Op were absolutely amazing, so friendly, and open to ideas and suggestions. The shots themselves were relatively straightforward, in the studio plain white, and on location just one light. The real key with stuff like this (for me anyway), is making sure that the talent is relaxed. As we were dealing with real customers (as well as some models, but who had very little experience modelling), most of the talent had never stood in front of a camera before, let alone taken part in a national advertising campaign, so chatting to them beforehand, asking them about themselves, and basically being sensitive to their needs was very important.

One of the other satisfying things was then seeing my images in every Co Op Branch throughout the UK.