Promotional Campaign for clothing company Manière De Voir

Designed in England, Manière de Voir are a luxury fashion brand providing high quality items, and aiming to create a social scene around their clothes.

The team at Maniere can be described in one word: driven. The amount of hard work and dedication that goes into every single decision that’s made at the company is just amazing to watch, and it was amazing to be a part of something so intricate and exciting.

Maniere brought me on to provide video content for their Activewear line, Behind The Brand, and a few other bits and pieces. For the Activewear line, I provided a teaser video, launch video, and various individual ‘outfit’ videos, as seen below.

Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand was shot in order to open up the world of Maniere a little, and provide insight into what goes into working on luxury clothing.

I was commissioned to create a series of stills for online use, and a short video showcasing what goes on behind the scenes.

Active 0.1

This was the first project I worked on with Maniere, a line of Activewear for women. We shot on location in a gym just outside Manchester city centre, and in the end delivered five ‘outfit’ videos. Each video is around 30 seconds long, showcasing individual aspects of the clothing. This might be my favourite thing I shot for Maniere – it really plays into the kind of thing I like to shoot: muscles, dreamy slow motion stuff, and inherent strength.