The triptych shown as part of Disparity Collective’s ‘Positions of Power’ is a collaboration between

Principal Ballerina Bethany Kingsley Garner, and myself.

In my experience, the perception of ballet can generally go one of two ways –

there’s either the picture of the delicate femininity of ballerinas, or the cruel suffering of artists who struggle to carry on in the face of near constant injury and sacrifice.

This is not my experience of ballet.

For me, ballet is about passion, dedication, fear, and triumph. What is designed to look graceful and effortless is born out of the fire of merciless training, gruelling self belief, and love in its most pure form.

They are entertainers.

They are athletes.

They are heroes.

‘Power’ – Drew Forsyth, 2018

This work is part of a series of works created as part of my time spent with Disparity Collective. More info about the collective, its origins, and its current work can be found here.