Shoot of the Week: Cersha Lie Burn

1st May 2017

It’s 5pm, on a Friday, and I’m in a supermarket in North Hollywood. I’ve just got off a 6 hour flight, and navigated my way through LA traffic to get here, in order to ‘get my costume sorted’. I just found out I’m heading to a costume party in 15 minutes, and I need to pick something up. Of course.


The reason I’ve flown out to LA is to work on my portfolio, and collaborate with amazing people. Through a contact in LA, I meet Cersha. In the supermarket.

We get chatting, and after heading to the party, we chat some more. After about 20 minutes, we decide to do a shoot. Cut to 3 days later, and we’re in the car, heading to the beach.


A great dance shoot isn’t a once sided affair. It’s a conversation, not a monologue. So when we’re in the car, I’m asking Cersha about her life, what she likes, what she doesn’t, and I’m trying to get to know her a little.

It soon becomes clear that she’s incredibly talented.

Started dancing at 4, trained all over the world (including with world famous ‘Alvin Ailey’ Dance Company), set up her own dance company back in Australia, is now dancing professionally in LA (no small thing)… none of this happens to people who sit back.

Eventually we settle on the beach, and we go about finding a quiet one. We pull up on the side of PCH 1, and unload the car.


Over the three hour shoot, we shoot in 2 locations, firstly on the beach further up the coast, then down in muscle beach proper.

Cersha was fantastic to work with. She had drive, passion, and an energy that you don’t often see in performers. I only managed to capture a small portion of her moves for this shoot, but I was more than happy with what I got.


Her style and flowing movements were everything you could want as a photographer.